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The City

Updated: May 19, 2021

Living in Hong Kong, you can't help but get caught up in the concerns of it's residents, politically, culturally and philosophically. There are the everyday mundane issues, and then the bigger life altering ones. Either way, I am inspired by this place, by Her people, by Her issues.

This poem is dedicated to Her....

"The City sits proud

She moves and She breathes

She comforts so many

She has her beliefs

Her people stream through her

Yet not able to be

They pass on right by me

Although they don't see

I touch them, I feel them

I hear their lost pleas

They feel so alone

So lost in their grief

Most hunger for freedom

As rightly should be

The City sits proud

She lives and She breathes

Her streets are so vibrant

Yet full of disease

Her neon so brilliant

Yet shadows beneath

Her shine is so brittle

For others to see

The struggle within

As She pushes and pleads

Her troubles are real

But find no relief

The City sits proud

She thrives and She breathes

The millions She cradles

Suck life from her teats

They hope and they pray

For their days to be sweet

While some souls get lost

Some forgotten, some stay

The millions She cradles

Will not go away

They love this big beauty

This place that they roam

And the love She provides

This love they call home"

- Jameel Haiat

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