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Ode to a Rat….

Fake smiles, empty promises and a treasure trove of's all in a days work for Management.

That "happiest place", the house that was built by a mouse, is in definite need of real structural repair, not to mention window cleaning so they can actually see the real fucking world outside.

“We value you greatly”

They All say out loud

“Your spirit is endless,

You make Us All proud”

Fingers crossed tightly

Under table They hide

“We do what We can,

We are on your side”

She leaves the big meeting

They laugh when she goes

“What a sucker we have there!”

Wiping snot from Their nose

They giggle and snicker

Their jobs They have done

Giving hard working people

A story They’ve spun

Here’s a title, a raise

A few pennies more

“We hope you will see dear,

If you stay there is more”

Thrill rides They do build

Keeping guests in suspense

While employees are conned

Leaders thrive on pretense

“Happiest on Earth”

Spurious words They display

To bring in vast dollars

To dispel the dismay

“You see our sweet Boardroom

You see how we thrive

We know how to manage

We know to connive

False promises we send out

Bread crumbs we do spread

Keep the workers just floating

Make sure they’re misled”

Their rat ears now wiggling

Board smiles with glee

For that worker They pay less

Puts lux gifts at Their feet…

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