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Be a Man…

Aren’t we all emotional beings?

What’s wrong with feeling something, anything?

What’s wrong with expressing our feelings? Especially as a man? Why is there such a fucking stigma?

We were all born kicking, screaming and crying coming into this world. It’s called being human.

So why do we say things like “men don’t cry”? Or “be a man, toughen up”? Or whatever the saying is wherever you are?

It’s shit.

It’s stupid.

It’s out of touch.

Out of touch with being human. Out of touch with just being.

I admit that it has taken me many years to get in touch with my own emotional self.

It was a struggle.

It was painful.

Complex relationships had to be examined.

Issues had to be dealt with.

I owe so much of that personal growth to my ex-wife Alina who helped me work through many issues I had leftover from my painful youth.

But now…I can watch a commercial on tv, or hear a song, or see a painting and freely feel tears.

Sometimes they are of sadness, sometimes of joy. Both can be deep emotional states.

Either way, I am unashamed to feel, to show emotion, to express my inner self. I embrace and share my emotional self passionately.

I’m not telling guys not to be guys. They’ll do what they fucking want, that’s for sure.

All I’m saying is, being a man is so much more than stupid fucking cliches and words that we have accumulated in our puny heads.

It’s more than high fiving at a sports bar. Its more than screaming over a scratch on your car.

Go be a man…cry, feel, share.

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