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The Foreigner

Updated: May 19, 2021

Growing up as the son of two cultures, I have encountered prejudice at various points throughout my life. Whether that was in Los Angeles, where I was born and grew up, or abroad, hate is hate, and the battle for equality is real. The concept of what a "foreigner" or "immigrant" is resonates loudly, and proudly, with me. I always question how and why some people view other people with different skin color, language or culture as "foreign", and will fight the fight against that prejudice wherever I go, wherever I live...

Do you see me?

Is it my skin?

Do you see me?

Can you begin?

My tattoos? My face?

My body? my place?

Am I not like you?

Are you not like me?

My blood runs through

Just like it should be

My heart beats loud

My mind is proud

Why then?

Why am I your darkie?

Why then?

Why the fucking hierarchy?

Why am I your sand nigger?

You think you're fucking bigger?

Why then?

You call me a foreigner

You feel I got you in a corner?

You think I'm the problem?

All you do, is don't

All you know, is not

You think you're so great

But all you do is hate

Am I not human?

Is it so hard to relate?

Are we not human?

Let's move on, let's create

You see the man

But you don't see the me

The love, the pain

Always the third degree

The joy, the sorrow

What's up for tomorrow?

From where it began

Just let it now end

Set me free from debris

Let this man live life free

- Jameel Haiat

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