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Hello Universe…I’m still here!

You know, sometimes I can't believe that this little fucker made it.

Today, I celebrate my 57th birthday and I'm still amazed that I'm standing.

There are a million and one ways my story could have gone another way. The shit decisions I've made, drugs, drinking, all the other crap too numerous to list, could have truly made this a tragic story.

But somehow, some way, the Cosmos, or whatever the helll you want to call it, has pushed, prodded and kicked me in the ass to be where I am now.

Yes, there has been help, the human kind. I've been extremely lucky to have had some amazing people, mostly women, in my life that have seen through my shit and realized there was someone worth their trouble and time. I am forever grateful to them. They know who they are.

But, I wonder as I age, what would have happened if I had gone a different route? Followed the violent path of my Uncles? Quit college? Kept selling speed? What then?

Luckily, those are only questions, and I know that as dark as I can get with philosophical life zingers, I also know that I make people laugh and try my best to inspire, so there.

So, whether you love me, hate me or feel indifferent, it doesn't matter because I'm like a cockroach. You can step all you like, but I'll always scurry on back..,

That is unless I get too drunk this evening, as I stroll about Chiangmai and get hit by a tuk tuk or motorbike.

Haha! Cheers!

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