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Empty of Something

For me, there's real beauty in embracing words that elicit deep emotion. They may sometimes be hurtful, sometimes profound, but are almost always thoughtful. Unlike the so-called Instagram "poets" of today, that only promote rainbows, unicorns and contrived happiness for "likes" and "hearts", I believe true joy comes from recognizing one's pain and overcoming it.

Like me or not, I try to speak my truth as I know it, to intimately share my feelings, my thoughts, and my journey, not for a fucking "like"....

Full of Nothing

Empty of Something

Wheels in my mind

Spin fierce, spin fast

Round and round

My thoughts race past

Flapping and flopping

Going nowhere, but last

Strange thoughts

Fill my head

Drive my soul to a dread

Now I must stop

Let this madness retreat

Now I hold fast

Rid these memories that reek

Now I endure

These black images so bleak

Now I must try

To abort this deep bleed

Now I must try

To erase this dark feed

My mind still plays tricks

So deceitful, so cruel

It's haunting yet truthful

It dares taunt this fool

Choosing it's own path

Regardless of care

My mind only wants

What the heart can’t repair

My mind only needs

What the heart still despairs

My mind cannot have

What the heart shall not share...

- Jameel Haiat

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