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Love HK / Hate HK…

It’s fucking complicated….

Anybody that has lived in the belly of this beast, this beast being Hong Kong, for any length of time knows this.

There are truly incredible moments and days, when you think….could there be a better place to live?

Then there are others where you just want to choke the living fuck out of someone…which I have done.

It’s so fucking complicated.

When the streets are crowded, everyone on their mobile, pushing, bumping, no apologies.  Hell no.

But then the old lady that recycles greets me with a smile and in a human moment points to her cart of cardboard to ask me to help her…it replenishes my heart, my soul.

It’s complicated.

Fucking summer heat, humidity, mold, hot stench, hotter sidewalk, the air is stifling. Fuck that.

Cool winter day, blue sky, beer in hand, there’s nothing better. Truly.


Financial dickheads with nothing but money on their mind, shit on their tongues, wasted conversations, football, crypto, NFT, cunts. Big fat negative.

Street art, my hood, my tribe, my apartment. Super fat positive.

You see. Fucking complicated.

Beaches in summer. Fuck no.

Beaches in winter. Fuck yes.

Junk boat parties, local pubs, local brews, local. Yes.

Lan Kwai Fong. A big fuck no.

I don’t even know where to end this list.

It is truly infinite and can change daily.

I do know one thing...

My life in Hong Kong has been an experience. A real experience. It’s been full of a variety of stories, good and bad, joyful and traumatic.

This City, for all the shit she’s full of, and all the pleasure she brings, will undoubtedly be a part of me that I can not forget...forever….

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