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I'm Lude....

Living in a city like Hong Kong, where money is everything to so many and the concept of giving is like an abstract thought, it can be frustrating watching peoples behaviors and attitudes towards those that don't have by those that do have. Here, for her many citizens, shopping is the real disease, brand names are a distraction for truth, mental illness is a plague and homelessness is a shameful exercise in how one has lost their way through their own fault...

I'm lude, crude

And not in the fucking mood

To hear your bitchy whispers

Your whimpering whines

As you decide

Which car to drive your family away

Which watch you'll wear today

What stock you'll choose to play

Which bag you'll buy today

Your choices are shallow

Your thoughts are so few

Your interest is wealth

Indifference is you

You walk past most people

They seem like a plague

To you they're invisible

A blight and a drag

You call everyone losers

You say it out loud

Your actions are hurtful

So filthy and foul

I know you won't read this

I know you don't care

But my mind cannot grapple

With how truly you dare

To act like you're human

To say you're aware

When in fact you are wicked

Someone to despair...

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Well put. Love what you are doing. Pausing. It’s a lost artform.😉

Jameel Haiat
Jameel Haiat
Nov 06, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much!


Bravo, well put - I don't believe it is just Hong Kong that feels this soul cry, LA is drumming to the same beat. This is a pleasent reminder to have heart and to make change in whatever place we find ourselves.

Jameel Haiat
Jameel Haiat
Aug 30, 2021
Replying to

Excellent point! 100% agree.

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