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Society Made Me….

In this current world we live in, one of anti-humanity and faint hope, one of blatant falsehoods, repetitive faux news and sickening political diatribes, it’s easy to see how those with suggestive personalities fall into simple manipulation towards a tragic violent end….

“Society made me"

He always would say

All the crap he would read

All the lies he would play

He kept all his rage so deeply within

It brewed and it boiled like black bottled sin

Below the viewed surface

Just under the skin

His hate always consumed him

From end to bleak end

He allowed it to live

It flourished and thrived

He fed it twice daily

It felt so alt right

All of the others

He said looked the same

They created the problems

They gave him this pain

But all of his issues were just in his brain

He prayed to his God

Bring him peace in the night

To kill all the others

To let him carry the light

On his self righteous march

For all white mankind

He bought many guns

He learned how to fight

He saluted his brothers

The Aryan kind

The time had now come

He prepared how to die

“Kill all of the others”

Was in his dark mind

He brought his best weapon

He shot it so true

The lives that he took

Were none that he knew

A mother, an Auntie

A sister, a friend

A father, a brother

An Uncle, Amen

They were someone important

They were someone who loved

Their spirits now missing

Their curse now his bliss

He created a pain

That would never grow cold

His finger pulled a trigger

Now the Devil pulls his soul

A realization too late

That whatever his actions

His mind sealed his fate

He succumbed to the darkness

Adrift in said place

No remorse, nor respite

Just blackness that drains

Any humanity left

In his dark soul and brain….

- Jameel Haiat

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