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World Tour WTF…

If you’re wondering, at all, as to why I haven’t posted in months, well, here’s the why…

What was supposed to have been been a fairly short trip (World Tour 2021/2022) to visit family over the holidays turned into an extended layover. With January 8th as our original departure, now pushed out currently until end of April, we’ve been at the absolute mercy of Hong Kong Covid policies. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great to spend even more time with family and friends than originally anticipated, but, still, when home is thousands of miles away…you get the drift.

We have definitely taken advantage of the time and done some pretty cool things while away, more about that in other posts.

One thing for sure, I will say, the writing did take a bit of back seat. I guess now I’m writing this more as a journal entry, and to you, my Members, as it’s more of a “what the hell” post than anything else.

What I’m really trying to say, is that writing, whether poetry, short story, or other, takes energy. Lots of energy. So, I’d rather wait until a fresh idea or inspiration hits me instead of putting out some crap that doesn’t feel real or legitimate to me, or to you. Anyways, I hope you’ll bear with me through this trying time of homelessness and absurdity because I can promise you this, the best is yet to come (including some cool announcements). Thanks for sticking with me…


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