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Creative Gratification

The other day, I had a conversation with someone about what I do. They were interested in how I got to where I am, how I was able to do what I want, how I create, etc., etc.

As is hopefully evident from my blog, I'm all about sharing. The good, the bad, especially the dirty, the all of it. So, when someone asks, I love answering, which I did.

But, what was really dumbfounding to them, was the end game of it all.

The why of it.

They wanted desperately to understand how I planned to make money doing what I love. They were perplexed. What was my plan? They could not understand at all why I would do something that currently made me no money. They said there is never enough money, never enough. They couldn't even consider doing what they really wanted to do. That was only a dream.

The sad part is, I hear this all the time. It's really not surprising anymore.

Look, I understand. I get that we, all of us, need money to survive. We need it for food, shelter, to live. I get that.

But what about doing what you love, because you love it? What about doing other things that can support you, while you do what you love?

Painters paint to express themselves.

Writers write to express themselves.

Dancers dance to express themselves.

Sculptors sculpt to express themselves, and on and on and on.

Any creative person does what they do because they have a deep desire to express themselves. It is an innate part of who they are, who we are.

They never start their creative expression as a way to make money (hopefully). That is not how it works. They do what they do out of love.

Of course, I'm not saying earning a living creating wouldn't be, or isn't, amazing. Of course it is! But that is not why we do it.

Believe me, the road can be long, difficult and sometimes even tortuous. But, imagine the your dream, fulfilling your desire, actually becoming your passion. Not having to answer to corporate culture. Not being stuck pursuing wealth as an objective. Truly just being you, the creative self you should be. It's achievable, it is.

You know, most people believe that money is the greatest commodity. It isn't. It's time.

When you lose money, you can eventually, usually get it back.

But when your time is gone, it's gone.

So why, why, why would you waste time on doing shit you don't want? This is the part that most won't understand because most of the world works towards cash as the reward for what they do.

For creative people, speaking for myself especially, I create to create. It's what I do with my time. It's what I live for and love. That's my time, that's my commodity.

I'm sure many reading this are giving me an eye roll right now...but that's your time I guess.

I'll just be here creating.

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